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Seven months ago we launched The JOLT as an independent, non-partisan news organization for Thurston County.

Since then you’ve been able to read more than 300 original local news stories we’ve produced, and read some 90 issues of The Daily JOLT, your Monday-through-Friday newsletter (if you signed up to receive this by email).

Our neighbors have commented:

“Thanks for taking up the ‘slack’ in reporting in the greater Olympia area.”
     - Dean French, Olympia

“A very well-written article on the arson fire near the homeless camp. Quite concise and unbiased. Good work!
     - Mort S., Lacey

“I'm excited about the JOLT and signed up to receive the daily headlines. And I have this feeling of being in-the-know once again. Keep up the good work. You are so badly needed in these parts.”
     - Bonnie C., Olympia

There’s no dark political money, no national corporation, behind what we’re doing. It’s non-partisan. I’ve funded it myself so we could demonstrate the concept. We’ve done that. Now we’re inviting the community to step forward to support our work.

Moving forward we’ll rely on a combination of business advertising, reader contributions, grants and corporate sponsorships to support our journalism.

If you understand the vital role a free and unbiased press plays in our democracy, help support community journalism by making your donation today!

Thank you!
Danny Stusser, Publisher

P.S. What’s happening in Tumwater, Lacey, Olympia and the county is at least as important as the national news. When will the road construction be finished (so I can get to work faster)? Did every police officer get the new training? Look what that 15-year-old kid did! What’s that new building on Martin Way? If you agree that accurate and current local news is essential to our democracy and way of life, please step forward and support The JOLT, today.

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